Environmental Action

Environmental action

Wholesale Beads and the Environment

25% of electrical power supplied to Wholesale Beads buildings, comes from sustainable sources; eg solar or wind power.

In the Moorabbin warehouse you will see solar tint on the widows, which can make it look darker outside that it really is. On the days above 25degrees and sunny, we leave the blinds down to keep cool. This reduces energy consumption by about 25% to 30%

In winter heating in the office areas, are left running 24/7 on a very, very low setting, preventing peaks and high wastage when switched on at high setting at the start of the day and off at 5pm

Sensor lights have been installed in the bathroom and kitchen areas, loading dock and the stock room and switch off after a few minutes of no movement.

All inbound packaging material is sorted prior to pick up and recycled by Haulaway Rubbish Collection.

Liquid Gas is used in the warehouse to heat the general area and is switched on and off as required.

Used A4 paper is recycled though the printer again or used as note paper.

Faulty stock is sent to Schools and other worthy causes and not thrown out, both in Australia and in China where some volume items are packed.

Wholesale Beads only uses suppliers who practice safe for the environment production and disposal of waste material.

Safe disposal of waste materials might mean sometimes the price of some items might be a little higher than suppliers who use non safe environmental methods of disposal of waste material. We hope you understand and support us in this vital and ethical practice. Asian countries are striving to protect their environments and we can help by endorsing companies that practice compliance to safety standards that protect the environment.

How you can help

Bring back your old bags, and we will recycle them.

Bring your own shopping bag and we will pack your items into your own bag.

Email admin@wholesalebeads.com.au
if you have questions or suggestions about reducing the impact on the environment.