FAQ Metal

Sterling Silver - Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum percentage of 925parts to 1000parts pure silver.

14k Gold - Denoted by a '14ct' or this type of gold is less likely to tarnish than 9ct gold and is significantly more resistant to scratches compared with higher-carat gold.

GF - Gold Filled - this is usually brass and a thicker plating of 14ct Gold

14k Gold Plated - our products are Sterling Silver with a 14ct gold flash plating over the top, a hard wearing finish.

Metal - on our website means a base of metal and then electroplated colour over the top. (not real Gold or Silver) Costume Jewellery.

NF nickel free - nickel free plating, usually not as long lasting as items with Nickel. Nickel is a preservative, however is the most allergy reactive material.

Surgical Steel - is a plated process over the top of brass, which bonds under the outer surface of the brass and makes it very brittle, it can not be removed. Surgical Steel is often referred to as HYPO ALLERGIC as it is nearly inert to the body (meaning the body can not see it)

Base Metal - usually brass - an alloy  containing copper and zinc. Generally high quality and provides a  beautiful base for HQ Electroplating

- also known as electrochemical deposition or electrodeposition, is a process for producing a metal coating on a solid substrate through the process of electrically charged chemical baths

Tarnish / Patina
- when metal surfaces change colour, usually through exposure to oxygen, water, lime, salt and other chemicals found in water, shampoo, sunscreen, hairspray etc.

High Quality HQ - we strive to maintain a high quality product, and where it is a high quality and a high price we tell you, because we might have a similar product of a lower quality

Low Quality LQ
- denotes a low quality finish or product, If on a metal product, it is usually made of IRON and much cheaper. It might look the same as the higher quality item, but it will not be. eg wire guards we have high and low quality, they look the same but are completely different performance/wear. Iron will often react to magnets, Brass does not.