How to use the website

How to use the website


 How to find a product:

You can browse per category. The categories can be found in the orange bar near the top of the page. Hovering over a category will result in a drop down menu, sometimes with other sub-categories. You also can click on the main category and a new page will appear with either the products or sub-category. The pictures of sub-categories all have an orange border. Products do not have a border.

Use the search function of the website (top right) to find specific products.  Adding more words will result in a narrow down of items found. clicking on the search icon will then give the results in a page, showing all products that matches your search. e.g. searching for "parrot clasp nickel" will give you all the nickel parrot clasps.  

Which categories are used for charms and Pendants ?

Charms are attached to bracelets. Pendants to necklaces. Some larger charms can also be attached to necklaces. There is not a fine line for the size. On our website all products up to 20mm can be found in the categories "charms" larger products will be in the categories "Pendants".

Nickel / Nickel free (NF)

Our products can have a "NF" in the description. This indicates, that the product is Nickel Free. The colour might still look like Nickel and is marked as such.

Featured Products

Here you will find products, that are very new or very special

What does NFD mean

Products marked with "NFD" at the end do have "No Further Discount". These are products with a reduced price already.



Be aware, that the colour of the picture depends on the setting of your monitor.

On the left hand side of the product pages, you will see a list with the main colours available for the products. The description or title of the product will give you more information about the shade of the main colours. Sometimes a product has more colours. These colours will not be listed on the left site of the page.


Colour illusions:

Did you know, that colours change in our mind if placed in a different context. The "brown" square at the top and the "orange" square at the side, are actually the same colour. 


Austrian crystals Colours:

Our Austrian Crystals have a colour number. You can find a colour chart here and all the numbers related to the colours. click here for more information



If you see a product with multiple sizes like 3x5 mm, then usually the first number is the size from one whole end to the opposite whole end. (3mm) and the second number is the size of the bead perpendicular to this. (5mm). On the left side, this product is listed as 3mm.

 some products are listed under "other sizes" like products with bigger sizes or in between sizes.


SS and PP is frequently used by jewellery makers. Below you will find the page with the translation into Millimeters.

Click here to find the size of SS and PP's



    clicking on "Cart" takes you to your shopping cart from where you can checkout.

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